Impact Field
Studies Group

The Impact Field Studies Group is dedicated to:

(1) Facilitating discussion of field-based impact geology.
(2) Gaining additional expertise by facilitating visits to confirmed/suspected impact sites.
(3) Offering field work opportunities to students in planetary science.

Membership is open to students, faculty, and researchers interested in or who are actively conducting field-based research.  For more information on becoming a member, please contact Keith Milam at:

A field trip to a US crater is being planned for the weekend before LPSC 2012

Suspected Earth Impact Sites (SEIS)

Dear colleagues,

please let me inform you that the Suspected Earth Impact Sites database has been updated, expanded, renamed and relocated.

The main changes/additions include:

- new name: Impact database v.2009.1
- new location and website design:

- all confirmed structures
- database of impact deposits (first installment)
- maps and a .kmz file for uploading to Google Earth with a double click
- additions and updates╩of╩probable-possible-improbable-rejected sites
- archive of earlier versions, incl. SEIS

For more detailed description of updates and the current╩statistics please see the database.

I will highly appreciate any comments you may have!

Best regards,
David Rajmon

Tenoumer Impact Structure, Mauritania, Africa. Photo courtesy of Dr. Linda Kah, Dept. of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Univ. of Tennessee,